ltjBPM 2.5

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Changes in 2.5:

ltjBPM 2.5 fixes an issue that prevented Jump Forward and Jump Back commands from working with iTunes 11+.

What is ltjBPM?

Easy, fast, customizable, manual BPM tagging for iTunes users with keyboards. Never automatic; always accurate.

The preferences panel allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts for every feature:

– Count one beat
– Export measured BPM to the current iTunes track
– Reset the BPM counter
– Play/Pause iTunes
– Select the Next track in iTunes
– Jump the iTunes play head forward 10 seconds
– Jump the iTunes play head back 10 seconds
– iTunes Volume up
– iTunes Volume down
– Rate {5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0} stars in iTunes

ltjBPM also includes complete documentation, accessible via the Help > ltjBPM Help menu item.

Other tap-based BPM counters are decent for measuring a track or two, but fall short when you want to measure a larger number of songs. For certain genres and usage patterns, automatic BPM analysis tools are adequate, but none can predict your personal preferences.

ltjBPM keeps you in control.

Praise for previous versions of ltjBPM:

– “Ten tracks ltjBPMed in 100 seconds. Nothing like it!”
– “It’s easily the best bpm program out there. and i’m including the auto ones.”

As of this writing, no crash report for ltjBPM has ever been received by Apple or forwarded to the author, for this or any previous version offered through the Mac App Store.